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Constitutional Law

Ms. Rine develops cases involving highly regulated businesses in disputes with the government, which may include due process, privileges and immunities, commerce clause and takings clause issues. She successfully challenged the constitutionality of the Illinois Employee Classification Act. She has successfully litigated constitutional issues related to the Illinois Property Tax Code. She has advanced a client’s business through federal agency competitive bidding processes in several states in issues implicating federal, State and local government entities. She has challenged racial discrimination, gender discrimination and interstate individual rights infringement.

The Yocom Rine Law Office provides a wide ranges of services on constitutional and related issues that include:

  • Formulating and briefing trial court legal arguments with a goal of developing and preserving issues for appeal.
  • Developing and advancing constitutional and policy arguments dealing with legislation and regulations.
  • Managing complex litigation.
  • Developing novel and complex legal theories, usually long before the suit is filed.
  • Challenging the constitutionality of statutes and regulations.
  • Assists churches with religious liberty, risk management, constitutional litigation and tax exemption compliance.