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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

More than 20 years of experience

Established Business Attorney for State and Federal Litigation and Appeals

Serving clients in Illinois, Missouri  and Texas for more than 20 years

Jana Yocom Rine delivers comprehensive solutions for clients.  She takes a hands-on approach, working closely with company decision-makers and individuals to craft a legal strategy tailored to their immediate needs and long-term goals. Clients she has served have found her to be:

  • Experienced — She has appeared for oral argument before the Illinois Supreme Court, Illinois Appellate Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh and Second Circuits. She also has argued before the Texas Court of Appeals, Missouri Court of Appeals, U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Eighth, Ninth and Federal Circuits and the Supreme Court of the United States. She has  appeared before trial courts in several states, with licenses in Illinois, Texas and Missouri.
  • Hardworking — Because cases are so often won or lost based on pretrial preparation, Ms. Rine works tirelessly to master the subject matter down to the smallest detail.
  • Straightforward — Since she understands the total cost of trial and appeal, Ms. Rine is able to perform a reliable cost-benefit analysis based on her realistic assessment of possible outcomes to litigation.

The firm represents regulated businesses alleging and preserving constitutional issues, often opposing powerful corporation and government entities. If you are looking for trustworthy and skilled trial or appellate advocacy, Ms. Rine is ready to guide you through your legal dispute to a successful result.

Distinctive approach mitigates uncertainty and risk in litigation

The Yocom Rine Law Office uses what may be termed an algorithmic approach to logically limit the range of appropriate choices available to the court. By compiling and synthesizing data from primary and secondary resources, and without manipulating facts, Ms. Rine attempts to focus the court’s analysis and discussion on one or a few potential correct legal conclusions. Under this method, she endeavors to identify issues that are within the client’s control—presenting a truthful statement of facts throughout the litigation; and she strives to cover measures within the attorney’s control—carefully presenting identifiable correct legal theories. This approach can mitigate some the uncertainty and risk associated with litigation. The method addresses the limits on the trial court’s discretion related to legal issues and recognizes its broad power to make credibility determinations related to factual matters.

The firm views each original litigation and appellate client as a new case requiring original research, and Ms. Rine taps her deep reservoir of experience to quickly and efficiently address each case. She is undaunted by litigation pitfalls found in case records on referral from other attorneys; she analyzes the record without judgment to identify any alternative route to a successful result on appeal.

Capable representation at trial and on appeal

Since 1986, the firm has built a strong reputation in business litigation and appellate practice. The areas of law practice encompassed include:

  • Antitrust — The firm represents business clients, both plaintiffs and defendants, in disputes involving antitrust issues and various unfair trade practices, including government contracts.
  • Administrative law — Ms. Rine manages controversies involving state and federal regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, as well as State and Local administrative agencies, such as departments of labor, departments of transportation and transit authorities, in administrative law cases.
  • Appellate law — About 50 percent of Ms. Rine’s practice consists of appellate cases. She is admitted to argue cases before the Supreme Court of the United States and five U.S. Courts of Appeals. She has appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court and the appellate courts of three States
  • Business litigation — Ms. Rine manages cases related to ownership, governance, and operations of businesses and she represents individuals regarding business-related issues.
  • Commercial law — She represents plaintiffs and defendants in commercial disputes over the exchange of goods or services, including controversies under the Uniform Commercial Code. She represent creditors and debtors in complex foreclosures and other judgment enforcement proceedings.
  • Mineral rights — Ms. Rine assists businesses engaged in oil and gas exploration and mineral extraction in matters related to leases, assignments of rights, royalties, financing, and state and federal regulations.
  • Constitutional law — She represents individual, businesses and churches facing infringement of constitutional rights.

One of the great advantages to her practice is her ability to represent you at trial and on appeal. When a high-value case goes to trial, Ms. Rine takes care to preserve issues for appeal as a risk mitigation measure. Rather than having to hire a new attorney for any necessary appellate argument, your case is ready for all stages of litigation. Time and expense savings accrue.

Litigation support services available for attorneys

The firm offers research and writing services to attorneys facing complex motion practice as well as procedural and evidentiary issues at the trial court level. The firm prepares memoranda supporting motion practice and trials as an adjunct to the appearing attorney.

Contact a dedicated business litigation attorney in Mount Vernon, Illinois

If your business is facing a complex dispute, you can rely on the Yocom Rine Law Office for skilled representation. She offers free consultations for new clients. Call her at 618-731-1944 or contact Mount Vernon office online.  Ms. Rine serves clients with issues in Illinois, Missouri and Texas. She also serves clients located in Illinois with issues in other States, federal districts, administrative regions and appellate jurisdictions.