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If you have spent considerable energy maintaining your business in Texas, you know that your effort matters. An unsatisfactory business court result can jeopardize everything you worked for. Leaving your business’s fate up to chance is unwise. When you need an advocate for your business, the Carrollton business appeals lawyer at Yocom Rine P.C. is here.

Why You Need a Business Appeals Lawyer in Carrollton

Business appeals are intricate cases. It is wise to enlist the support of a professional to ensure a successful outcome. A Carrollton business appeals attorney can be invaluable to your appeals process.

Grounds for Appeal in Texas Business Cases

Not all unsatisfactory results necessitate an appeal. Before taking any steps in the appeal process, it is wise to consult an experienced Carrollton business appeals attorney. At Yocom Rine P.C., Jana Yocom Rine can assess your case to determine whether strong legal grounds exist for an appeal. Some common strong legal grounds are:

Legal Errors

An incorrect decision by the trial court or opposing counsel can jeopardize the future of your business. If a lower court made a mistake in applying the law to the facts of your case, this is a problem.

Legal errors can involve misinterpreting a statute, relying on outdated precedents, or incorrectly applying legal principles. For instance, in cases involving a perceived breach of contract, a lower court may award damages based on a misinterpretation of a term in the contract. This error could be grounds for an appeal.

Procedural Errors

A lower court failing to follow proper procedures during your trial can change a trial dramatically. When these errors impact the outcome of the case, they provide grounds for an appeal.

Examples of procedural errors include admitting or excluding the wrong evidence, giving improper jury instructions, or incorrect disqualification of jurors. A skilled attorney can review the record of your case and identify when any procedural errors took place.

Legal Errors

There is only one law in Texas. If a trial court incorrectly determines a question of law, the appellate court reviews it without any deference to the trial court. If your appeal is based on an error of law, the litigation risk is lower than an appeal based on a question of fact.

Factual Errors

While rare, occasionally lower courts make clear factual errors in cases. Appealing errors like this can be very complex. Careful legal analysis is usually needed to understand and argue these types of errors.

An example is a lower court basing its decision on false or inaccurate evidence. While this can be grounds for an appeal, this does not guarantee the appeal will succeed. Not every disagreement with court findings is a valid ground for an appeal. There must be clear and convincing evidence that a crucial mistake was made.

We Craft Compelling Strategies For Your Appeal

A persuasive legal argument can make a difference in a Texas business appeal. Experienced attorney, Jana Yocom Rine, has a history of developing winning strategies for her client’s unique situations.

You can expect Jana Yocom Rine to analyze relevant case law and legal precedent to find what supports your case. Additionally, her representation will provide well-written, concise, clear briefs outlining the position she thinks most represents your side of the case.

Lastly, a skilled attorney must properly anticipate the arguments the other side will raise. Jana Yocom Rine has this skill and can develop a counterargument that will counteract the opposition’s arguments.

Appellate Court Representation

When your appeal allows oral arguments, you’ll want someone representing you who has experience with these situations. These arguments, accompanied by proper courtroom demeanor, can be instrumental to receiving a successful outcome in an appeal. Jana Yocom Rine can effectively advocate for your business in the appellate court system.

She can tailor her oral arguments to the specific tendencies of the appellate court judges who will hear your case to ensure that they hear your position accurately, concisely, persuasively, and clearly.

Case Assessment and Merit Evaluation

Every case is different. A qualified attorney can analyze your case details, identify potential grounds, and advise you on whether or not to pursue an appeal.

Jana Yocom Rine can evaluate your case’s strengths and weaknesses, consider the complex legal issues involved, and examine the underlying evidence to advise you on the likelihood of a successful appeal.

For instance, when lower courts make clear errors in applying law to the facts of a case, this is easily identifiable as grounds for an appeal. However, when the lower court’s decision was based on a factual, credible dispute and supported by substantial evidence, seeking an appeal can be more complicated.

Yocom Rine P.C. Wants to Assist You in Navigating Your Appeal

The Texas business appeals process has deadlines and procedures that applicants must adhere to or have their appeal rights barred. While these aspects may seem complex for someone outside the legal system, an experienced Carrollton business appeals attorney has the ability to navigate the process smoothly and efficiently. Skilled attorney, Jana Yocom Rine, anticipates potential challenges and can proactively develop solutions to overcome obstacles.

The appeals process in Texas follows these typical steps:

  • Initiating the Appeal: The first step in the appeal process is initiating the appeal. You do this by filing a Notice of Appeal with the same court that handled your original case. This notification alerts the court and the opposing party of your appeal. People must complete this step within thirty days of the original judgment or face the elimination of their appeal rights. An attorney can ensure timely filing.
  • Building Your Case: After notification, you start working on your case. With the help of a business attorney, this step can be simple for you. Your attorney will work to assemble the record of documents and evidence presented in your initial case. This record is your appeal’s foundation and will be the source of any potential errors the lower court makes. Record elements include transcripts, witness testimony, depositions, and admitted evidence.
  • Presenting Your Case: Appeals rely heavily on written arguments. Attorneys present their written appeal arguments through documents called briefs. These documents argue for or against the lower court making a mistake and detail opinions on whether or not the court should overturn the original decision.

Your attorney can outline their compelling argument in their brief by citing relevant case law and legal precedent. They can also anticipate counterarguments raised by the other side.

  • Oral Arguments: Some cases may see the appellate court schedule oral arguments. In this event, your attorney can present their case in front of the judges. They can dive deep into critical issues and address the judges’ questions.
  • The Court’s Decision: At the end of the appeal process, you receive a decision from the court. The primary possibilities are affirmed and reversed decisions. Affirm means the court upholds the lower court’s decision, whereas the reverse is the opposite. A reversal can lead to a remand, which sends the case back to the lower court with instructions on how to correct errors that were initially made. When reversing a judgment an appellate court will render a decision if possible. This means, for any questions of law, the appellate court will make the determination and remand any questions of fact.

Timeline of Your Business Appeal in Carrollton

The time frame for an appeal in Carrollton can vary. Jana Yocom Rine, an experienced business appeals attorney, understands the elements that contribute to longer appeal process times and can work to ensure efficiency with your case. Factors that can affect your appeal timeline include:

  • Legal Issues: Some appeals are straightforward. When an appeal involves “settled law” or arguments that have already been discussed and judged, these appeals can typically move quickly through the appeals process. Appeals that deal with complex issues, questions, arguments, or interpretations can take much longer than other appeals. There is heightened complexity when an attorney needs to dive deeper into case precedent.
  • Evidence: The amount of evidence related to an appeal can affect the timeline because applicable parties must examine the evidence from the lower court case to determine what is relevant. Additionally, attorneys will need to look at other evidence that was admitted to see if judges made any errors when admitting this evidence. This stage is a crucial step in the appeal process.
  • Procedural Obstacles: In the legal system, you can expect procedural issues to arise in an appeal. Sometimes, there are issues with the lower court record, while other times, a party may request extensions of time. Whatever the obstacle, attorneys may have to spend much time resolving these procedural issues.

While an expedited appeal can seem significant, winning the appeal can be most important in a business appeal. Jana Yocom Rine understands that your time and efforts need to be focused on your business, and time away can mean future business issues. She sympathizes with you and can ensure that the appeals process is handled efficiently and with your livelihood in mind.

Rushing appeal processes can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes. Missed arguments or incomplete record gathering can significantly downgrade your case. Rest assured that she can strategically seek to move your case forward at the most efficient pace while maintaining professionalism and keeping your end goal in mind.


Are Appeals Costly?

Whether appeals are costly is subjective. While some people may see appeals as expensive, others may see the costs of not appealing a lower court’s position as a higher expense. If you believe an appeal is too costly for your business, it can benefit you to think of what a successful appeal can do.

Before making any decisions about whether or not to appeal, it can help to enlist a Carrollton business appeals attorney to examine your case.

What Is the Highest Court You Can Appeal To?

The highest court you can appeal to in Texas is the Texas Supreme Court. Many appeals fail to make it this far in the appeals process. The Texas Supreme Court only accepts some appeal applications. Typically, the court only accepts cases that significantly affect case law, raise novel legal questions, or involve significant conflicts between lower appellate courts.

How Many Appeals Do You Get in Texas?

The number of appeals you get in Texas can vary depending on the specifics of your situation. With a particular court or jurisdiction level, getting only one appeal is common. This limitation means that if you receive a denial of one level of authority, you will need to appeal to a higher court next time.

What Is an Accelerated Appeal in Texas?

An accelerated appeal in Texas is uncommon. This situation usually involves allowing the Court of Appeals to hear cases on a faster timeline. Most appeal cases do not qualify. Criteria can include aspects like:

  • The case has public significance or importance
  • The appeal surrounds settled law, but one side draws out litigation to delay judgment enforcement
  • The appeal will cause irreparable harm if not heard quickly

If your appeal meets these criteria, it can be wise to seek the help of a Carrollton business attorney as soon as possible.

You Can Find Your Partner in Yocom Rine P.C. Today

Before you file your appeal in Carrollton, remember that legal representation can increase your chances of success. Guaranteeing you have help from the beginning can make your process smoother and easier to understand. Do not hesitate to garner an attorney’s help. In Texas, strict deadlines exist for appeals. Missing these deadlines can permanently bar your right to challenge a lower court’s decision.

Contact Yocom Rine P.C. today for a consultation with our Carrollton business attorney, Jana Yocom Rine. She has vast experience with energy litigation, commercial litigation, creditors’ rights, and property disputes. She understands the urgency of protecting your business in Texas. With Yocom Rine P.C., you can gain an advocate for your business now and in the future.


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