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Whether you are a technology owner facing a trade secret dispute, an oil and gas producer caught in royalty litigation, or a creditor navigating complex legal issues, the appeals process can help you protect your business. The appeals process is complex for people outside the legal system. Enlisting the support of a Plano business appeals lawyer can help you in the Texas business appeals system.

Business appeals in Plano can be intricate. Understanding nuances of the process, meeting strict deadlines, and crafting legal arguments all require significant experience and practice. Attempting to understand and navigate the process alone can be overwhelming and unfruitful. You can increase your chances of success by seeking out an appeals lawyer.

Business Appeals in Plano, Texas

Having a business in Texas can be fulfilling when everything goes well. This same business can turn disastrous when someone files a claim against you, jeopardizing your future. You are not alone if this happens to you, and you are not without options. Yocom Rine P.C. knows how hard you have worked, wants to see you succeed, and can fight for you in a Plano business appeal.

Protecting Your Plano Future

Our Plano business attorney, Jana Yocom Rine, knows what it takes to get a successful appellate court ruling. Her knowledge of the Texas legal system can ensure protection at every step of your appeal process. It is not easy to understand the nuances of the lower court system in Plano, but Jana has the years of experience necessary to gather this knowledge. Partnering with Yocom Rine P.C. can ensure a court understands your appeal.

Why You Need a Plano Business Appeals Lawyer

If you have never navigated a business appeal, let alone stepped into a courtroom, the formality of the procedures alone can make some people uncomfortable. A skilled business appeals attorney can help guide you in this process.

Jana Yocom Rine can be your most prominent advocate. With her representation, you can gain an invaluable asset in your fight for your business.

A Compelling Strategy

The strategy used for your appeal needs to be concise, clear, and persuasive. All appeals hinge on solid legal arguments. An experienced attorney can identify the most compelling grounds for appeal. They can develop customized strategies that will advocate for your unique case. Jana will do the research and present your argument strategically to the judges.

Process Navigation

The Texas business appeals process can be highly complex. When strict deadlines and procedures are involved, you do not want to leave your business’ future to chance. Yocom Rine P.C. provides timely and efficient guidance throughout the entire appeal process, can ensure that your case misses no deadlines, and avoids challenges whenever possible. Any obstacles will be addressed to provide a smoother appeal process.

Court Representation

There are appeals in the Texas system that require oral arguments. When the appellate court allows oral arguments, know that Jana Yocom Rine has the experience to execute them properly. She delivers confident and persuasive presentations of business appeal cases.

You can hire Yocom Rine P.C. and know that any questions judges may have about your argument or your initial case will be addressed. With skill on your side, you can maximize your chances of a successful appeal.


What Is the Best Way to Win an Appeal?

There isn’t one way because appeals rest on the facts from unique lower court cases. While most cases require personalized appeal solutions, a few critical factors can increase an appeal’s chances of success. These key factors include:

  • Strong legal arguments
  • Adept research accompanying any appeal positions
  • Experienced and dedicated legal representation
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Proper preservation of the lower court record

Together, these elements can increase an appeal’s chances of success.

Why Would an Appeal Be Denied?

There are several reasons why a court would deny an appeal. Examples include lack of legal merit, appeal process procedural errors, deference to lower courts, and insufficient evidence. Appeals are complex processes. It takes a skilled person with experience in the Texas legal system to execute an appeal properly. Consulting with a Plano business appeal attorney before you file your appeal can help you avoid any issues in your appeal and possible denial.

Why Are Appeals So Expensive?

Although appeals being expensive may be a common perception, this is only sometimes the case. It is wise to contact a Texas business appeals attorney to understand their estimate of your cost. Additionally, it can be wise to weigh the impact of not appealing. If the lower court’s ruling significantly impacts how your business will work, you may lose out on more money by abiding by an unsatisfactory ruling.

What Types of Legal Grounds Do You Have To Appeal in Texas?

There are many legal ground types to appeal in Texas. Some common examples are:

  • Procedural Errors: Includes exclusions of relevant evidence, improper instructions, and denial of motions.
  • Misapplication of Law: Misapplications that can occur may include incorrect legal precedent, misinterpretation of statutes, misunderstanding of contract law, and improper evidentiary rulings.
  • Insufficient Evidence: Many times, evidence is insufficient because the burden of proof has not been met, incorrect or non-relevant evidence has been presented, or conflicting evidence has been presented.

Consult a Plano Business Appeals Lawyer Today

The appeals process can be unnecessary for some business cases. If you believe you should appeal a lower court decision regarding your business, or if you won your case and the other side appeals, contact Yocom Rine P.C. today. They can help assess your case and determine your optimal path forward.


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