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Commercial bankruptcy cases are often complex and creditors need experienced counsel to protect their interests when a vendor or borrower seeks bankruptcy relief.

Rine’s knowledge of the bankruptcy process allows her to provide clients with strategic advice and protective presence in the proceeding. Rine is involved in all phases of the restructuring and reorganization process on behalf of creditors including:

  • Restructures and forbearance agreements
  • Loan workouts
  • Cash collateral and adequate protection disputes
  • Automatic stay litigation
  • Contested asset sales
  • Claims purchases and sales
  • Contested plan confirmation proceedings
  • Claims objections
  • Avoidance actions
  • Post-confirmation litigation

Industry Experience

Yocom Rine has handled bankruptcy matters involving companies in many industries, including energy, financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, technology, and transportation.

Conflicts Counsel

Large bankruptcy proceedings often generate conflicts that are difficult to foresee at the outset of the case. Yocom Rine can assist other firms by handling limited aspects of a bankruptcy case to resolve the conflict.


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