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Experienced Oil And Gas Attorney

Every stage in the life cycle of oil and gas exploration, development and production presents challenges and risks. How those potential stumbling blocks are handled can determine the success and viability of a potentially lucrative project.

As an experienced oil and gas and property litigation attorney in McKinney, Texas, Jana Rine provides industry participants with extensive knowledge and deep insights that can help them.

With her extensive background in energy and natural resources law, Jana assists her clients across the full spectrum of issues that arise for companies and involved in mineral disputes Jana develops proactive strategies to help them avoid litigation impediments.

In both Illinois and Texas, Jana represents clients in matters involving:

  • Operating issues
  • Financing agreements and tax issues
  • Lease contract concerns
  • Mineral rights
  • Property rights
  • Underpayment of royalties
  • Well and surface damage claims

She is a seasoned and accomplished litigator in Texas, Illinois and Missouri state courts, as well as in numerous federal and appellate courts. She is prepared and ready to take a matter to trial when necessary. However, she will always consider and seek the most beneficial and cost-effective outcomes.

Energy and property litigation is a niche area of law that requires the help of an experienced lawyer to obtain a favorable outcome. You can trust attorney Jana Yocom Rine to fight for your best interests. To schedule a consultation at her McKinney office, call 972-439-2761 or complete her online contact form to get in touch.